Reflections of a Photo 229 words published on October 23, 2023.

! Goofy π “cuddles” with my CCM slides. On the edge of the runner, looking straight into the camera. Blissfully. She matches the colors and accents, perfectly.

? Why she loves to do this, I don’t know? Is this as happy as she gets? What can I do to make happier? And, how on earth does she know when I’m looking at her!?

≈ I took this photo for a girl I was hoping to see again. Perhaps too luring, too transparent? I’m just trying to share the parts of my life with someone new, someone who cares. Someone who is lifted up by my energy, not torn down. For now, π remains the same.


Don’t screw everything up.

Together we will work on all the different plans for everything. In isolation nothing belongs anywhere.

I’m quite sick and tired of trying to half-ass things (roflmao I misstpyed “half-ass thongs”, sorry not sorry). People keep trying to make me more practical, but it’s unclear still how well it’s working. I’m no one thing, this is apparent.

Time is more than money. House begets home.

I want to join stinky socks. Start small, grow safely and quickly. Climb, run, skate, ultimate, am I forgetting anything? Swim, sail. The list goes on as ski season approaches far too quickly.

I should really move forward with the Ultimeter.