// Define "nixpulvis" in Latin.
let nix = snow;
let pulvis = powder || dust;

Welcome to my slice of the internet. If you’d like to find me elsewhere, here are some more places to look:

I’m a hacker, meaning I like to make things (and break things). I’m also a tinker, by a more literal definition – I like to get my hands dirty. I have a passion for Programming Languages (PL) and embedded systems. You’ll likely find me writing Rust or soldering something.

I’m from Colorado, went to school in Boston, moved to Silicon Valley, and now I’m a ski bum back in Colorado, looking for work in Boston as early as May 2018.

I graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor’s in Computer and Information Science. I’m planning on going back to school with a focus on PL soon™.

You can view my resume for more information.