Hello and Welcome!

// Define "nixpulvis" in Latin.
let nix = snow;
let pulvis = powder || dust;

Welcome to my slice of the internet. If you’d like to find me elsewhere, here are some more places to look:

I’m a hacker, meaning I prefer an unlocked door. I’m also a tinker, by a more literal definition – I like to dirty my hands building things. I have a passion for programming languages (PL) and embedded systems. You’ll likely find me writing Rust or soldering something.

If you would like to read more of my rambling or about a project I’ve done, please do!

I’m from Colorado, went to school in Boston, moved to Silicon Valley, then back to Colorado to be a ski bum for a bit, now I’m working at Forward Financing in Boston.

I graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor’s in Computer and Information Science. I’m planning on going back to school with a focus on PL soon™.

You can view my resume for more information.