Web, Shit . Oh 325 words published on August 11, 2018.

Oh shit… What have we done. The promise of rich interactive websites turned into a plague of half baked and evil UX.

Half the time I click the back button I don’t go back, sites hijack my scrolling and often leave me begging to get to my content, similarly, animations are everywhere and I’m forced to wait for them, often for no good reason. Many news sites wait for me to finish reading about half a sentence before hitting me with a paywall (ouch). Background scripts track and spy on me, while disabling them can intentionally break the page.

All this plagueware, it’s everywhere, and no gas mask can protect you when things like your bank get infected.

Google’s trying this new AMP thing. Which, in my experience often loads a white page really fast, then hangs for a second without any indication of what’s going on. And even when it works as advertised, I can’t copy the URL to share with a friend directly, since it’s some obscure Google link. Google I get that you want to control the web, but you basically already do, let’s not get greedy eh?

They tried to “fix” things, and now I get another set of popups, telling me these cookie things are being used, and I need to check a box, or click a button to move on. I’ve been clicking “OK” on EULAs for the majority of my life at this point, how’s this any different?

Fuck this shit, seriously. It’s not how The Web should be, and I think we all know it. All this is ass backwards dynamic “functionality”, I don’t want it. Just give me a piece of fucking paper with some god damn content on it, and let me read in peace.

P.S. Hopefully y’all can still even get to this page, and the ISPs haven’t started offering “economy” plans to limited blessed holy grounds of the internet.