Moving 286 words published on June 20, 2022.

I feel like moving is always bitter-sweet.

First, there’s the planning. Then, there’s the packing, along with all the sorting, thinking, doing… undoing, and waiting. Finally comes the actual moving. By the time you get to moving, you feel like you’ve been moving for months (or maybe weeks). It all happens so fast that the actual moving can be over before you know it.

Savor this moment.

It’s good to take stock of what you care about. Where are you going? What’s going with you? What baggage can you burn and what should you file away. What memories are you going to replay when you’re rebuilding a new life somewhere else? Where should everything go in the new place? These questions should bring joy to your life, since they are opportunities to define yourself and refine yourself.

Jump with both feet forward.

Things will never be the same however. Simple things; like the force required to perfectly latch the bathroom door. Or the hiccup in the kitchen sink faucet. Things that once bothered you, but you’ve come to know and love. Things that you still only just barely tolerate, but have grown stronger for the effort. Moving away from these things will shake you, but they will not break you.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. They say that a rolling rock gathers no moss. But when you’re that rock, life must seem pretty green.

At last you’re finally at home, once again. Anew, and bare. Every object an installation. You don’t even start unboxing before you find your new favorite spot. You eat alone on the floor, happier than before. Then you open the first fresh garbage bag and begin.