COVID-19 Tipping Point 343 words published on December 15, 2020.

It’s been about 9 months now since the pandemic became a reality for me. I may be in a new apartment but the situation has been much the same. I’ve heard that one simply feels time fade away under anesthesia and I think this offers a fitting analogy to how these months have felt. Numb, cold, distant, in pain but without feeling. My days have blurred into weeks then into months.

However, in the last few weeks a lot has happened. The US passed over 3,000 deaths per day, a figure that is hard to imagine surpassing any further or for any longer. We are at a tipping point for this pandemic. Meanwhile, despite being a topic of doubt during the presidential debates, a vaccine was administered to the first wave of people like doctors and others with risk factors, just yesterday. If successful, this vaccine couldn’t have come a moment too soon. I’m looking forward to getting the shot for myself as we start to put this whole ordeal behind us. There’s still much to learn about how the vaccine will work in practice and how society will have been irreparably changed. So while the end of this nightmare is in sight, there is still a lot of uncertainty.

One thing is clear though, Joe Biden will be the next president on the United States of America. During this pandemic we have also continued to suffer from an administration without the slightest form of competence. We’ve been neglected and abused by the very systems we built and paid for to protect and serve us. There must be a reckoning. There must be a call for those responsible to answer. While it may not come as quickly as COVID-19 came, I expect the swift hand of justice will come for many. Any other outcome would spell further disaster I simply cannot imagine.


Finally, on a more personal note, I’ve submitted applications for graduate school. So, progress in my own life shall resume, one way or another.

Fingers crossed.